the Goldberg Variations BWV988
Inventions (selections)
Sinfonias (selections)
French Suite no.2
English Suite no.3
Italian Concerto
Well Tempered Clavier Book 1: nos.1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,19,20,21,22,23,24
Well Tempered Clavier Book 2: nos. 5,6,7,17
Partita nos.1,2,5
Toccata in D, Toccata in e
Art of the Fugue (selections)

Samuel BARBER:
Sonata in e flat minor Op.26
Nocturne Op.33

Fantaisie Op.77
Bagatelles Opp.119, 126
Variations in F Op.34
Variations on “Nel cor non piu mi sento”
Variations on “Rule Britannia”WoO77
Variations on “ich hab ein kleines Huettchen nur”
Variations on a Swiss Theme
Sonatas Op.2 nos.1, 2 ,3
Sonata Op.7
Sonatas Op.10 nos.1 ,2, 3
Sonata Op.13 “Pathetique”
Sonatas Op.14 nos.1 & 2
Sonata Op.22
Sonata Op.26
Sonatas Op.27 nos.1& 2”Moonlight”
Sonata Op.28”Pastoral”
Sonata op.31 no.1
Sonata Op.31 no.2 “Tempest”
Sonata Op.31 no.3 “ la Chasse”
Sonatas Op.49 nos.1 & 2
Sonata Op.53 “Waldstein”
Sonata Op.54
Sonata Op.57 “Appasionata”
Sonata Op.78 “für Therese”
Sonata Op.79
Sonata Op.81a “Les Adieux”
Sonata Op.90
Sonata Op.101
Sonata Op.106 “ Hammerklavier”
Sonata Op.109
Sonata Op.110
Sonata Op.111

Sonata no.3 in f-moll Op.5
Ballade Op.10 no.1
Waltzes Op.39 selections
Piano Pieces Op.76 nos.1, 2
Fantasies Op.116
Intermezzi Op.117

Ballade no.1 Op.23
Ballade no.2 Op.38
Ballade no.3 Op.47
Ballade no.4 Op.52
Etudes Op.10 nos.4,6,9,11,12
Etudes Op.25 nos.1,7,11,12
Fantasy Op.49
Fantasy-Impromptu Op.66
Nocturnes Op.9, Op.15, Op.27 nos. 1&2, Op.37, Op.48 no.1, Op.55 no.1
Polonaises Op.26 no.1, Op.40 no.1”Military”, Op.53”Heroic”
Preludes Op.28 Selections
Scherzo no.2 Op.31

Images Book I
Preludes (selections)
Claire de Lune
Jardins sous la pluit

Poetic Tone Pictures Op.3
Holberg Suite Op.40
Ich liebe dich
Aus Jungen Jahren
other selected pieces

Sonata in D no.37
Sonata in A flat no.46
Sonata in C no.48
Variations in f minor

Etudes de Paganini no.2
Etudes d’Execution Transcendental nos.1, 4, 11
Consolations nos.1-6
Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 c# minor
Hungarian Rhapsody No.3 B flat
Hungarian Rhapsody No.14 f minor
Annees de Pelerinage II: ITALY
Il Penseroso
Sonetto 104 del Petrarca
Sonetto 123 del Petrarca
Après une Lecture du Dante
Venezia e Napoli: Gondoliera- Canzona- Tarantella
Wagner-Liszt : ‘Pilger Chor’ & ‘Abendstern’ from Tannhaüser
Wagner-Liszt: Elsas Traum aus Lohengrin
Wagner-Liszt: Isoldens Liebestod
Verdi-Liszt: Rigoletto Paraphrase
Lugubrious Gondola Nos. 1 & 2
Nuages gris

Songs Without Words (selections)
Variations Serieuses Op.54

Fantasy in d-minor KV397
Fantasy in c- minor KV457
Variations KV265 “ah, je dirais-vous maman…”(Twinkle,twinkle…)
Variations KV593 on a Minuet by Duport
Sonata in C KV279
Sonata in F KV280
Sonata in E flat KV282
Sonata in G KV283
Sonata in D KV284
Sonata in a KV310
Sonata in C KV330
Sonata in A KV331
Sonata in F KV332
Sonata in c KV475
Sonata in D KV576

Sonata no.1 op.1
Sonata no.4 in c-minor Op.29
Sonata no.5 in C Op.135
Sonata no.6 in A Op.82
Piano Pieces Op.10 (selections)
Vision Fugitives Op.22
Concerto no.2 Andantino for Solo Piano

le Tombeau de Couperin
Pavane pour un Enfant defunte

Sonata in E K.46
Sonata in C K.37
Sonata in A K.208

Papillons Op.2
Carnaval Op.9 (selections)
Fantaisiestuecke Op.12 Book I
Kinderszenen Op.15
Fantasy Op.17
Waldszenen Op.82 (selections)

Impromptus Op.90 nos. 2 & 3
Moments Musicaux
Sonata in G op.78
Sonata in a minor Op.143

3 Fantastic Dances
Preludes Op.34 (selections)

works by the following Canadian Composers as well as others…
B. Berlin
W. Buczynski
J. Coulthard
C. Eatock
H. Hardy
F. Horvat
A. Louie
R. Mascall
F. Morel
B. Pentland
C. Pepin
J. Rea
A. Southam
J. Weinzweig
G. Wuensch