Chamber Music

Major Chamber works:
Various other chamber pieces from Bach, Tchaikovsky, Sarasate and various other composers are not listed below…

Contrasts for Piano, Violin and Clarinet
Rhapsody no.1 for Violin
Roumanien Dances for Violin

Violin Sonatas Op.12 Nos. 1-3
Violin Sonata Op.23
Violin Sonata Op.24 “Spring”
Violin Sonatas Op.30 Nos.1-3
Violin Sonata Op.47”Kreutzer”
Violin Sonata no.10 Op.96
Horn Sonata Op.17
Cello Sonatas Op.5 Nos 1 & 2
Cello Sonata Op.69
Cello Sonatas Op.102 Nos. 1 & 2
Clarinet Trio Op.11” Gassenhauer”
Clarinet Trio Op.38 (after the Septet)
Piano Quartet Op.16
Piano Sonata Op.6 in D for 4 hands
Piano Trio Op.1 no.1 in E flat
Piano Trio Op.1 no.2 in G
Piano Trio Op.1 no.3 in c minor
Piano Trio in D Op.70 No.1”Ghost”
Piano Trio in B flat “Archduke” Op.97
Piano Trio Op.121 “Kakadu” Variations

Violin Sonata in G Op.78
Violin Sonata in A Op.100
Violin Sonata in d- Op.108
Scherzo for Violin & Piano
Hungarian Dances for Violin & Piano
Clarinet Sonatas Op.120 Nos. 1&2
Clarinet Trio Op.115
Cello Sonata in e- Op.38
Cello Sonata in F Op.99
Horn Trio Op.40
Viola Sonatas Op. 120 Nos. 1&2
Piano Trio in B major Op. 8
Piano Trio in C Op.87
Piano Trio in c- Op.101
Piano Quartet in g-mollOp.25
Piano Quartet in c-moll Op.60
Piano Quintett in f-moll Op.34

Violin Sonatina Op.100
Dumky Trio Op.90

Sonata for Violin in A major

Cello Sonata op.36
Romanza for 2 pianos Op.51
Violin Sonata no.3 Op.45

Sonata for Flute
Sonata for Horn in Es
Sonata for Horn in F
Sonata for Trombone

Dance Preludes for Clarinet
Subito for Violin and Piano
Paganini Variations – 2 pianos

Sonatas for Violin KV29, 304, 376
Piano Quartetts KV 478, KV 493
Sonata in D for 2 pianos KV448
Sonata for 4- hands KV381

The 4 Seasons
Tango of the Green Devil

Clarinet Sonata
Violin Sonata in d minor

Violin Sonatas no.1 Op.80, No.2 Op.94b
Flute Sonata Op.94
Overture on Hebrew Themes Op.34

Sonata for Violin in G major
Tzigane for Violin

Ned Rorem (USA 1923-)
Ariel(1971) – for Voice, Cello & Piano

Violin Sonata No.1 Op.105
Adagio & Allegro Op.70
Fantasy Pieces Op.73
Romances Op.94
Piano Trio No.2 Op.80
Piano Quartett Op.47
Piano Quintett Op.44

Arpeggione Sonata for Cello & Piano
Marches for 4-hands Klavier
Fantasy in f- for Piano 4-hands
Rondo for Violin and Piano in B minor
Piano Trios Op.99 & Op.100
Trout Quintett

Cello Sonata Op.40
Piano Trio no.2 Op.67
Piano Quintett Op.57

Suite Italienne for Violin & Piano
Suite Italienne for Cello & Piano
L’Histoire du Soldat