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Concert ‘LIVE’ Goldberg Variations

NB: music starts after the thorough explanation at c. 14’55″ GOLDBERG VARIATIONS BWV988

Fugue from the Sonata Op.26 of S.Barber

Liszt Paganini Etude no.2 Paganini Etude Liszt 

Beethoven Sonate Op.110

Beethoven Rule Britannia WoO79 on the Fortepiano

J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue no.17 Book II in A flat

Beethoven Live Concert from Guadalajara, Mexico Sonatas Op.101,109 & 110

also…@ 1:35:00  

Encore #2 – Memories in an Ancient Garden by Alexina Louie(1996)

With French Violiniste Prof.Solenne Paidassi – Debussy: Sonate pour violon:

Beethoven Cello Sonate Op.5 no.1 (1st) mit Florian Streich

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BEETHOVEN: Variations “Ich hab’ ein kleines Hütchen nur” (fortepiano)
BEETHOVEN: Variations in F Op.34 (fortepiano)
Haydn: Variation in f minor (fortepiano)
Mozart: Duport Variations KV573 (fortepiano)
Mozart: Variations on ‘Ah! je dirai-vous maman'(aka Twinkle, twinkle…) – KV 265 (fortepiano)
Beethoven: WoO 64 Variations Schweizer Lied (fortepiano)
Beethoven WoO 70: 6 variations on “Nel cor più non mi sento” (fortepiano)